Company History

Silver Wu Technology Corp. is founded by a group of technological engineers who share the same value. The core participants possess expertise and practical experiences in all sorts of fields such as optoelectronics, semi-conductor, industrial design and auto-controlled backgrounds. Our R&D department is specializing in LED (Lighting-emitting diode) characteristic and LED application with plenty of pattern technologies of Taiwan, Japan and China. Our professional fields cover LED lamp posts and various types of landscape lightings. We have impeccable production facility, intact testing and developing apparatus such as KB-2600 Die Bonder, SWB-800 Auto-bonding Machine, ZWL-3900 semi-automatic light and color division testing system, LED lifetime tester, Photoelectric Effect tester… etc. Moreover, we have established an excellent relationship with many Packages houses.

As a lighting manufacturer, we are the only one who research and develop LED containing supplementary optics design. Not only we possess the LED assembly energy, but also control the limits of manufacturing authority. The super-high power LED that is researched and developed by our company is under mass production and is widely used now. Unlike our competitors who purchase regular LED from the market, then simply assemble them into a finished product to sell, we undoubtedly have a great advantage on our professional technology.

While our competitors are still manufacturing High Power LED, we have spent 2 years investing a great amount of effort and money on developing personalized usage of multi-crystal array of Super-high power LED. We also embedded single-chip auto-controlling technology in this product. With this technology, we promoted ourselves to a world leading position in the industry. We have achieved the first-class standard in terms of efficiency and function integrity and industrial product designs. Having the cutting-edge technology and best efficiency as our primary goal, we welcome competitions as it serves the purpose of urging us to continuously exceeding our records.

Our production lines are located in the world trade center of Taipei Sijhih Technology Park. We have the certificates of ISO-9001, CE and UL and all of our products comply with RoSH. Currently, we have an office in USA and an additional Business Division will be established in 2012 in the United States.